Monday, April 4, 2011

Bridal Party Invites

I found the one.

Five years later..

I got the ring...

We set the date....

And now to celebrate with those closest to us.

But, how to ask my bridesmaids?

What's better than a handmade personalized
card for each bridesmaid and maid of honor?

The first of many handmade items for our wedding. 

Materials needed: paper, envelopes, ribbon, decorative jewelry or button, and printer. Use whatever you have around the house...I did!

I had premade pearlized cards and envelopes. I created a design in a Word Document using various fonts and clips art and printed it. The design on the computer is probably the hardest part. Just practice on regular printer paper until you get it right.

 Cut your ribbon approximately 2 inches longer than your paper size
(longer for more ribbon overlap on back)

Punch a hole in the center. I used a Screw Punch.

 Make a small cut in the middle of the ribbon and insert the button
 (see a pictures below)

 Insert rhinestone button in the punched hole in the paper.

 With hot glue, glue the button in to place on the back and also the ribbon. Cut the ribbon longer if you want it to overlap the button.

 And here is the final product.....

All 5 of my bridesmaids loved their cards and said yes!

 Especially since I made it myself.

Oh and it requires extra postage.....I found out the hard way and so did my bridesmaids. The postmaster left them notes how much they owed the post office in extra postage! Whoops! Still they all received it. Thanks post office!

Other items I will be handmaking before our wedding: all jewelry of course, silk hair flowers, candy, flower arrangments, bouquets, and much more.

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